Adaptability vs Perceived Safety

Is it time to take a hard look at career assumptions? If a fortnightly pay cheque and the promise of job security are very real measures of safety, then why do so many of us choose the path of entrepreneurship?

We’re a society increasingly observant of the pros and cons of the sensible job route versus the business ownership route. Why? Within the last 10 years alone we’ve seen a global financial crisis, manufacturing plants closed down and outsourced to cheaper markets, and the internet completely changing the way we do business. There has never been a better time in history for the entrepreneur, and the requirement of adaptability as an entrepreneur more necessary.

For me it simply began with having a work for yourself attitude ingrained in me by my father from a very young age. I soon figured out I was far too rebellious and tenacious to exist otherwise. I have spent most of my life either in contract roles, short-term temp roles as I travelled, freelance Journalism, 15 years teaching Pilates, and so on.

There is nothing more pleasing than knowing that there really is no safe route; every route comes with her challenges and successes. The freedom I feel from having built my own business up, initially from being an in-house contractor for one client to supplier of services for many clients, is empowering. Some may say it’s mad as I raise my daughter in a single-income home without a consistent pay cheque… I say it’s liberating and empowering. I’m teaching her the most important skills in the dynamic global marketplace that is today’s workforce.

Key requirements for an entrepreneur:

*Being comfortable with the unknown, even excited by it.

*Being ok with the heavy rain and the occasional drought. You simply cannot guarantee either, and a “rolling with the punches” flexible attitude is key to survival.

*Being willing and able to understand the dynamically changing business landscape of today, and thriving.


Simone DeCunha
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Finding “the story” and digging deep to understand the life of a business and its brand is where the true gems lie. Simone has an innate ability to connect people to businesses using authentic communication and tools to create marketable edge.Masters educated in Journalism, Simone’s decades of journalism, marketing, communications, and strategic experience have been gained in Australia, NZ and globally. Today she enjoys helping SMEs and large organisations as an external marketing communications resource, managing web builds, and high level content creation.

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