How to Create the Perfect Small Business Pinterest Profile

In small business, getting your name out there is often one of the most difficult tasks. With lower margins and fewer employees, marketing strategically is increasingly important to the success of your business. That means utilizing social media to its fullest potential, and sometimes in unexpected ways. As a small business owner, you know that Facebook and instagram are essentials at this point. However, there is another social media channel with 250 million monthly engaged users who are receptive to brand discovery: Pinterest. To get you started on setting up your Pinterest profile, here are 8 tips:

Create a Business Profile: Instead of a normal user profile, set up your profile as a business to establish credibility and gain access to marketing insights
Optimize your About Me: Using keywords relevant to your niche in your about me page can help relevant users find you.
Link Pinterest to Your Website: Adding share buttons on your blog or website for Pinterest makes it easier for other users to share your content on their own boards, expanding your efforts.
Automate Your Posts: Using a post scheduler, make it easy to share pins by planning them out ahead of time. You can also use common schedulers across multiple platforms.
Optimize for Mobile: If you haven’t already done this, make sure your website’s pages are mobile-friendly, as most pinterest traffic you generate will be mobile.
Create a Cohesive Look: Users are more likely to click through the pins you share, if your boards feel connected visually to each other and to your website. Keep your colors, fonts, and overall visual style in mind.
Set a Featured Board: Utilize this setting to showcase your most important or enticing offering to any who visit your profile.
Create Great Content: The best way to get shared and be seen on Pinterest is to create content that is either beautiful or informative.