Small Business

The Mirror Test

March 14, 2017 Sean O’Rourke

One of the foundational arguments in psychology is the notion of nature (genetics) vs. nurture (experience) when it comes to a person’s emotional and mental development. Each camp has compelling evidence to support their theories, […]


Cash is King

February 22, 2017 Sean O’Rourke

“How little you know about the age you live in if you think that honey is sweeter than cash in hand.” Ovid (43 BC – 17 AD) What was true 2,000 years ago is even […]


How to Become a Billionaire

February 11, 2017 John Follis

The other day I picked up one of those Adult Learning catalogs. You know, the ones you see for free on the street. Well, it must have been my lucky day because right on the […]


Solopreneurship vs. Partnerships

January 24, 2017 Sean O’Rourke

My most successful startup – to date – was Syzygy 3.  The “3” stood for William, Cameron, and myself.  Each of us owned 33.3% of the company.  We each secured an important-sounding corporate title.  We […]