Entrepreneurship Is Not For Sissies

Being in business for yourself can be a “long and winding road” with many bumps along the way. I started working in my dad’s bindery, while teaching myself about the printing business and computer graphics. Using my Music connections, I was able to earn a good living printing for many venues, bands, companies and studios in NYC.

Then came the Internet. All of a sudden, I had to compete with the rest of the world and people became less interested in my talents & experience. All they were interested in was “price and turnaround”. I have been on my own for over 40 years. I have enjoyed the trip, made a good living and have many great friends & memories.

I am passionate about printing and I am very good at what I do. I love helping my clients find solutions to their marketing problems. As an entrepreneur, I have risen up to the challenges that face my business and have run to meet them. Many times I have been discouraged, but I have always stayed the course. You may not become uber-wealthy, but you will know that the rewards were certainly worth the efforts. You will only get out of your business, what you put into it!

Basic Rules for Entrepreneurs:

  • Think Big. Define your “success” and make the commitment to hit your targets.
  • Build Strong “Community”. You can’t do it alone.
  • Learn to Lead and Learn to Sell. You can’t make money without customers.
  • Listen to your “community” and keep changing.
  • Learn to Play the Game. Be persistent.
  • Find a problem and then solve it. There are no mistakes, only lessons.
  • Go beyond your limits and stand out from everyone else.
  • Celebrate and reward yourself for accomplishing your goals.


“Entrepreneurship…isn’t just about solving a problem, building a venture, managing risk, or making money. It’s about having a positive impact on the world, making the most of the gifts you’ve been given, and realizing your full potential as a human being.” – The Intelligent Entrepreneur by Bill Murphy, Jr.


Steve Isaacson
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Steve Isaacson. Professional. Creative. Experienced. After working in the Live Music business for many years, Steve began his journey into the Printing and Graphics fields by working with his dad to create M&M Bindery - one of NYC’s best print finishing operations. He started his firm, Isaacson Associates - a full-service printing brokerage in 1979. It has completed thousands of print projects for entrepreneurs to Fortune 500 companies. Steve has over 40 years of knowledge + creative experience and his goal is to “Make First Impressions Last” by using “old school” marketing techniques to promote his clients’ brands. While always an entrepreneur, Steve loves spending time with Carol, his wife of almost 30 years and his family & friends. Steve also serves his community as a member of the Environmental Commission and on the Board of Directors for the Northern Valley Earth Fair (Northern Bergen County, NJ). For all of your printing needs, you can connect by email at steve@isaacsonassociates.com and by phone at 212:226.4477.