Is it how you imagined?

January 31, 2017 Fi Jamieson-Folland

It is for me. Although I know for hundreds I’ve been blessed to coach, that life as an entrepreneur can be a surprise. For some it’s the crazy hours they keep; or the challenges managing […]


The Day My Mom Fired Me

January 31, 2017 Adrian Miller

When I started my own business almost 30 years ago I was psyched about the opportunity to spend my time doing all of the things that I loved to do. I would train, consult and […]

23 hour days

I Was Lonely at the Beginning

January 25, 2017 Adrian Miller

  When I first started my own business, I underestimated just how lonely the entrepreneurial life could be. I had abandoned a familiar office environment where I could make small talk at the water cooler, […]


Solopreneurship vs. Partnerships

January 24, 2017 Sean O’Rourke

My most successful startup – to date – was Syzygy 3.  The “3” stood for William, Cameron, and myself.  Each of us owned 33.3% of the company.  We each secured an important-sounding corporate title.  We […]