The Essentials of a Good Business Card

I’m always being handed business cards and having a creative background, I review them with a keen eye. With that said, a few words of advice!

Within the first 10 seconds, your potential client is building up a lasting opinion about you. It’s a fact that people often do judge a book by its cover, and you only get one shot to make a great first impression. Fortunately there are a few tricks you can pull off, such as diverting their attention from the fact that you forgot to iron your shirt by pushing a unique and beautifully designed business card under their nose.

It’s always a great idea to carry some self-promotional material in your pocket, whether you’re attending a conference or a networking event. Having said that, your business card should also be designed well enough to leave a good impression. Here is a list of essential tips to keep in mind when having the perfect business card created.

Ensure your text is easy to read

This is a pretty vital (and sometimes overlooked) element in business card design. You wouldn’t want your clients to have to strain their eyes to read your website address or email. Make sure your text is at least 8 pt, in a clear readable font and in bold color. You could also try to accentuate your name or important contact information by making it slightly bigger or bolder than the rest of your information.

Include Important Information

Make sure to include all of the information on your card that you think the potential client would find useful. Here is a quick checklist, but you may have other things you want to add as well. However, this is a business card not a novel – so keep it brief!

  • Your name: Use the name your contacts know you by.
  • What you do: Include your title or what defines your job and the name of your business.
  • Contact information: Phone number, e-mail, work address, website, and if you like – social media profiles.

Avoid using borders

It’s best to try to avoid using borders on your business card designs. They may look good on the computer, but when the cards are cut, you will most likely have some ‘lop-sided’ edges. All printers have a margin of error for cutting your cards, which can be as much as a few millimeters, so expect some variance in the area where the blade falls.

Use Complementary Colors

Choose colors that are aesthetically pleasing. Too many bright and bold colors may make your card stand out, but it could be for the wrong reasons. It’s also worthwhile to think beyond your business cards: try to keep your color scheme consistent throughout your marketing material to develop a professional image of yourself.




Bennet Gold
About Bennet Gold 1 Article
Bennet Gold is an award winning marketing/advertising professional with extensive knowledge in design (logos, print, web), printing, social media and more. He has 35+ years of experience in which the last 24 years have been running Gold2 Creative. His clientele consists of all types of small to mid size businesses. Bennet is easy going and a good listener with a sharp sense of humor.When not helping businesses succeed, Bennet likes to spend time with his family, gardening and has a passion for music.


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