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I have been blogging a lot lately and it has become a big way to communicate with my audience. Blogging takes a lot of work writing the content and planning it, but what if you could blog on the go? What if you could blog when in transit? How do you blog this way?

Actually, this realization came to me when I was writing my first book on how to run a successful business in my field. I did not have time to start writing by stopping at a coffee shop with free wifi. I did not have the patience to open my phone and start typing content using a tiny keyboard where I made a lot of typos and mistakes, because my fingers were larger than the keys, so what I did I do?

I start using my smart phone like a mini tape recorder which in most cases was used for this purpose in the 80’s. I get my phone out and start talking into it. I do not have to worry about typos, misspellings, and grammar issues. I then use a dictation program like Dragon Naturally Speaking to dictate my voice recordings. Just for the details, I have a Samsung Galaxy with the mobile app called Voice Recorder. I can export to an MP3 format and then import it using the Dragon software. It works well and quickly. Since voice recognition software do not usually dictate everything 100% correctly, it is important to have an editing session to correct typos, but that work is much less exhausting than writing a blog post from scratch. My blogging has tripled using this method. It is more convenient.

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After building websites for over 20 years, Bruce Chamoff has become the first web design coach in the world. He is passed just building a pretty websites. He strives to build websites that make his clients money."Anyone can build a website, but most people cannot build a website that converts". Working with mom and pop shops to Fortune 500 companies, Bruce has strengthened the web presence for over 1,000 companies around the world and has spoken at web design conferences. Bruce has also created several streaming TV channels. When he is not being an entrepreneur, Bruce spends time with his daughter and writes original music with his band.

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