Pay Attention to Your Intuition

Being an entrepreneur may present conflicting and confusing road signs. Second guessing is not a good idea, so I fully advocate sitting with the possibilities before making a strategic choice.  I’ve had to do this at several crossroads in my career, and know it’s OK to revise and seek advice when outcomes are not as planned and doubt takes over.  One situation in particular on my path as an entrepreneur presented many possibilities – and I found it helpful to detach myself from all potential business activities for a while to make firm and smart choices.  I had a “fresh start” – friends and colleagues encouraged me to consider all my interests, talents and passions.

Perhaps it was significant that I was stepping forward with my right foot, as some told me, while jaywalking to run a business errand, causing me to be in a pedestrian accident (many moons ago and fully recovered). I closed my dance and exercise studio and was feeling lost for a while… being given much advice, some of which I researched thoroughly about changing careers. I then retreated so that I could more fully experience solitude and contemplation, which I found necessary in hearing my “inner voice”. It turned out that my intuition was in sync with a good friend and professional mentor in the field of biofeedback. I subsequently took the trainings and became a practitioner which served me well both for my own mind-body healing and later on to conduct stress reduction programs with a medical doctor. Eventually he had to switch gears, listened to his intuition and dropped the program.

Throughout my life and on my current career path I’ve found that visualization in the early morning can be helpful in positivity unfolding the day (or even eliminating an option or move) and steering me away from procrastination or perfectionism, both self-sabotaging.  Also, I’ve found that presenting a question to myself before sleep often gives a good solution upon awakening. It is my hope that these shares positively impact your accessing your intuition!

Additionally, I’d like to point out that often we need to back our intuitive choices with research before taking action. Research reveals pros and cons of almost any possibility and often presents us with facts and ideas relevant to creating best choices. One of the gifts of the internet is the ease we can access most of what we are seeking or questioning. I feel that it’s important to follow through with this and visit all possibilities which prevents second guessing and creates a best choice! This method of decision making has served me well over the years and I plan to continue to develop and trust my intuition while backing it up with solid research and open communication with colleagues and mentors.


Eileen Lichtenstein
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Eileen Lichtenstein, MS. Ed. CEO, Balance & Power, Inc. is a Certified Anger Management Specialist (CAMS), EFT (Emotional Freedom Techniques) Practitioner, Life-Career Coach and Author “SOAR! with Resilience®”, eBooks and Moving Meditation™ Fitness audio program eBooks/Products She works with individuals, couples and small groups in in her Long Island office as well as video skype. Eileen also facilitates interactive trainings on your site for anger control/ stress management, bullying prevention, greater productivity and to boost confidence, focus, critical thinking and creativity Eileen offers a FREE 20 minute phone consult: 516 623 4353 [email protected]