The GPS Guide For Social Media Business Use

Social media…like it or not it is here to stay. It is estimated that the number of worldwide social media users reached almost two billion in 2016 and is expected to grow to two and a half billion by the year 2018. The old fashioned way of reaching “cold” contacts is extinct and now is the time to embrace the internet and break out of your comfort zone. Fact: Every twelve seconds someone new becomes a new mobile social user. What does that mean for you? Every minute, you could possibly be reaching five new people through social media.

In 2016, there were twenty social media platforms that became household names. The question is, how do you know which one is best for you? Regardless of which one you choose, there is a common denominator, regardless the size of your business, the goal is to promote your brand. When deciding on a platform, you need to ask yourself the following: what are the most popular social media sites, do I want to use paid advertising and what works best for my target audience. This is important, you don’t need to be on every site, try to maintain a constant outreach without overloading on too many sites.

Ok, so now that you understand the why, it is time to pick the which, facebook, linkedin, twitter? Well, here is insight into the top three platforms. Facebook has risen to the top for business owners in promoting their company with over one billion users. What’s different, well, it is mainly due to the massive connections that can be created anywhere across the world. This platform is used by over a million small to mid-size companies primarily as an advertising tool. One would think that only being able to type one hundred forty characters would be a challenge. However, this unusual platform has over three hundred million users! Twitter seems to be more of an interactive tool for businesses and customers. The unique ability to answer customer inquires or questions, spread news quickly and reach specific targeted audiences, makes this platform a very “in the moment” conversational platform. LinkedIn is probably the only platform that is really not used for personal usage and is solely a professional social media platform. If you are looking for connections in your industry, other professionals and business connections, LinkedIn is the way to go. The platform is available in many different languages and has over four hundred million users.

There are other social media platforms, but in 2016, statistics show that these three were ranked the best. The most important thing with using social media is remembering the times we live in, technology is growing and making the world visible through the eyes of our devices. Commuting is longer, work hours are longer, networking is more important than ever. Social media is growing by leaps and bounds with over ninety percent of businesses using it as marketing and advertising tools. Social media is not for everyone individually, but it is crucial in the business world. It is the only way you can ensure everyone, everywhere knows your business and who you are.

Jason Kramer
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