The Secret to Generating Leads: The Message that Gets you Noticed


Get the Sales You Want

  • Problem: not connecting with your target audience
  • Reason: message is not clear and memorable

What is the purpose of your message?

  • Create a message that stands out from the competition
  • Your message starts begins the process of awareness
    • Awareness is key for attracting strangers
    • This begins the sales funnel

The Three Rules of Marketing

  • No one cares about you
  • People will only remember the problem you solve
  • They won’t do the work to figure it out

What This Means for the Marketing and Sales Process: Common Mistakes People Make

  • Don’t talk about yourself
  • Your prospects have the their own problems and are only listening for something that relates to them
  • The prospects’ problems reside with them
  • They are not thinking about or looking for your solution
  • Don’t talk about your solution when you start a conversation with a stranger
  • Only talk about your solution when your prospects ask about how you solve the problem

Start your Message by Addressing the Problem you Solve and for Whom

  • Start by defining the problem
    • It’s not your solution
    • What is missing for them? What don’t they have?
    • Be specific
      • The more specific the better
      • By being specific, you strengthen your message
      • If you try to be something to everyone, you are nothing to anyone
    • This is different than a sales pain
      • A sales pain is something that the prospect knows they want; they’ve already decided that they are looking for a solution
      • A problem is something the prospect faces and is unsure about what to do or how to handle it
  • What is preventing your prospect from getting what they want
    • Hint: it’s not your solution
    • Something is standing in the way
      • It is something that is ongoing in their business
      • It’s an issue that is often unclear; it bothers them and they can’t completely identify it
  • How does this leave them feeling?
    • You want to reach an emotional lever within your prospects that resonates with them
    • They will recognize themselves in what you say

What is Your Solution?

  • Your solution should be your signature program; your essential offering
    • The solution should be described in simple language
    • It should be something that any level of manager can understand and see its value

What Makes You Special and Different

  • How you are unique
  • What do you do that no one else can do
  • This is when you can describe your features and benefits
  • What are your credentials, experience, achievements, certifications, clients – keep them brief

What is your “Why?”

  • People are attracted to others who are passionate about what they do
    • A Why is not for those who support charities
    • It’s what drives you to make a difference; how it matters that you contribute to others’ businesses
    • It grounds the intellectual with something visceral

Transformation: What is Life Like After Working with You? How is Life Different?

  • People buy transformation        
    • They are looking to move from putting up with their problem to a life without that problem
    • They chose your service or product because they believe they will be relieved
    • You inspire them to have greater, more satisfactory outcomes with their business.
Marty Katz
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Marty has developed brands and brand strategies for some of the world’s largest companies, across industries and for existing and new companies, products and services.He has a deep understanding of branding and how a company’s message must connect on an emotional basis to engage with target audiences to generate awareness, engagement and sales.