What Does It Take to Focus When You’re Crazy-Busy?

Have you ever noticed that when you’re super busy, you default to coffee + fast food?

I can relate. This used to be my life. I craved coffee, muffins and sushi.

I’ve been traveling extensively this year, from Bali, NZ, Australia, UK, France, Holland, New York (oh yes; one of my favorite places in the world!) Virginia + Utah, to the Bahamas and Quebec. With even first-time visits to Russia + Poland.

Twelve hour flights, multiple time zones, minimal sleep; and I still had laser-focus and energy to burn. With not one coffee, piece of sushi or even a whiff of a muffin.

As we’ve traveled from city to city, I’m jazzed to have been able to contribute to several seminars and conferences about health, holistic living and lifestyle freedom. And one topic that comes up frequently is focus.

So what helps us sharpen our concentration to be effective – especially when we’re busy? And if there is a secret key for being focused for longer than a few minutes – what could it be?

As it turns out, there are several key factors. And one of the most important of these, is our metabolism1.


Having been working with clients since 1992 – many of whom are busy entrepreneurs – I’ve found that the effectiveness of our general metabolism is one of the main indicators of our wellness.

Since our metabolism is linked to our hormonal balance, overall energy, ideal weight, how we feel about ourselves, and even the quality of our sleep, it’s a key player for keeping our bodies and our lives in balance.

This balance of healthy metabolic regulation – in essence, our lifestyle – is the winner when it comes to long term results.

Most efforts to increase our energy levels, though, often suggest caffeine or other stimulants.  However, these spikes in energy fluctuate and are temporary, often leaving our adrenals spent, and our brains fried.

Do you want to feel wired briefly, or do you want sustained energy and focus? If you prefer the second option, then keeping our metabolic rate in balance is key.

So, stay tuned for the next few updates – as I share simple solutions to getting results…

…from increasing your focus and relishing sustainable energy; to handy foods to fuel your productivity.

In the meantime, here’s my gift to you so you can get a head-start. It’s inspiring that you’re taking steps with your health, so if you’d like your own copy of Fi’s Brain-Focus Bites recipe, which is ideal as an effective, tasty way to spark your metabolism – just drop me a line at [email protected], with Fi’s Brain-Focus Bites Recipe in the subject line – and it’s yours!


Fi Jamieson-Folland
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