A Journey of a Thousand Miles Begins With a Single Step

Setting our goals is easy, achieving them can be hard. Knowing how to stay motivated is important when it comes to getting what we want in the long term. Our world is filled with more distractions than ever before — from non-stop web access to constant texting. Staying focused and not just give in to what’s easier in the moment should be your priority.

We all struggle with “motivation” in our business and personal lives. Not following through may cause feelings of regret along the way to achieving your goals. Here are a few tips to help you stay on track…

  • Money may not motivate you to achieve your goals. No amount of money will keep you focused if what you are doing isn’t aligned with who you are and what truly is your passion and mission in life.
  • Stick to YOUR goals. Make sure that you are doing what you want to do and makes you happy, not what people tell you should do.
  • The longest journeys always begin with that “first step”. Big goals can be overwhelming and discourage you from moving forward. Keep taking “baby steps” and before you know it, you will have reached your goal.
  • Don’t go it alone, tap into your community’s energy. Surround yourself with people who give out “good vibes” that stimulate your passions.
  • Get organized. Identify where you want to go and make a list of targets needed to be hit in order to get there. It will help you to conserve your energy.
  • Remember that your goal is bigger than the task at hand. You won’t love every part of the trip, but you will be happy when you get there.
  • Don’t worry about the “what if’s”, they are not in your control. Focus on what is happening, not what might happen. It probably won’t.
  • When things overwhelm you, take a moment to remind yourself why you set your goal in the first place. Was it because your short term targets would lead to your long term goal of a lifetime of happiness?
  • Be consistent. Even if you don’t feel like it, take one proactive step toward your goal every day.

Staying motivated is within everyone’s grasp. Breaking down big projects into little targets makes things manageable. Remember where you want to get to. Enjoy the trip.

Steve Isaacson
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Steve Isaacson. Professional. Creative. Experienced. After working in the Live Music business for many years, Steve began his journey into the Printing and Graphics fields by working with his dad to create M&M Bindery - one of NYC’s best print finishing operations. He started his firm, Isaacson Associates - a full-service printing brokerage in 1979. It has completed thousands of print projects for entrepreneurs to Fortune 500 companies. Steve has over 40 years of knowledge + creative experience and his goal is to “Make First Impressions Last” by using “old school” marketing techniques to promote his clients’ brands. While always an entrepreneur, Steve loves spending time with Carol, his wife of almost 30 years and his family & friends. Steve also serves his community as a member of the Environmental Commission and on the Board of Directors for the Northern Valley Earth Fair (Northern Bergen County, NJ). For all of your printing needs, you can connect by email at steve@isaacsonassociates.com and by phone at 212:226.4477.

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